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Several Ways On How To Choose A Patent Lawyer

Unlike most other fields of law where the necessity of a lawyer is felt only after a dispute has come up, a patent lawyer is needed even before any issue arises. The most crucial responsibilities of a patent lawyer are to guide the customer in obtaining the patent, advising him on measures to ensure the security of the patent, and representing the case if misuse occurs.

The patent application and registration procedure is normally a very long drawn and tedious one. A patent lawyer will be of great help in this process. But, before you actually select and hire a lawyer, you should ascertain his experience in working with patents, and if he’ll be able to understand the creative work that you are patenting. A lawyer who has a different education from the subject of your patent may not be able to fully help you in patenting your idea.

A second point that you should think about is the performance record of the lawyer you wish to hire for patent application submission and related processing. You should ensure that you verify the credentials of the lawyer in terms of the challenges overcome and rejection of the patents applied for by him. This exercise will tell you how capable or efficient the lawyer is and this can determine the success of your own patent application since only a competent patent lawyer can well verify the distinctiveness of your invention in the industry.

Of the several upcoming lawyers in the industry who work with patents, it should be an easy job to find one who is competent enough to deal with your requirements and whose services are not too costly.

In addition, you should ensure that unless there are some serious lapses on part of the lawyer in processing your patent, you stick to the same lawyer from the filing stage to any future disputes that might turn up with respect to your patent as this lawyer would have the most comprehensive knowledge of the patent in consideration. Adler Pollock Sheehan P.C is a good example of a service law firm in Rhode Island, committed with a wide range of legal services.

Updated: July 26, 2016 — 2:24 am

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