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Commercial Litigation Law Offices of Steven J. Horn

The practice of taking constitutionalaction on matters concerning business deals is known as commercial litigation. A lawyer is usually called in for legal advice and representation to helpsettle any dispute or claim. These lawyers do not always pursue all parts ofbusiness law so it is always advisable to track down a lawyer who hasfamiliarity in dealing with commercial litigation cases in Encino, such as LawOffices of Steven J. Horn.

There exists an authority known as The uniform commercial code that administers and oversees all commercial transactions. Lawyers that represent the offender must always retain a huge level of understanding of theuniform commercial code which has nine divisions of articles which covervarious issues regarding business. Also, the business litigation lawyer shouldbe aware of the various statutes that govern business deals such as the federalact that oversees issues such as bankruptcy, arrears collection and banking.

A poorly handled litigation case may lead to extra andunnecessary costs and expenses for yourself and your business. In case youlose, you may face a huge damages award. However, in the event that you win,the amount of money and time spent battling the case may be more than theamount of damages you will collect at the end.

Criminal Law – Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC

Criminal law deals with prosecuting a person who has committed an act that is considered a crime by the government. It is a system of constitutional regulations enforced to ensure that the public is safe and also to prevent criminal conduct. The state begins the suit through a prosecutor. The person convicted can be fined, detained or in most cases both. Criminal laws differ from one state to another. Apart from minor charges, implicated individuals will require the services of a lawyer. Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC is a criminal law firm that can provide the assistance needed when dealing with criminal law cases.

Minor offenses such as petty theft are called misdemeanors and they can normally carry up to amaximum of one year in jail. However, crimes such as murder, rape etc. are classified as felonies and they carry sentencing of about a year and more inmaximum prison. If some questions cropup about how criminal statutes should be made clear, attorneys and judges always go for already delivered court opinions dealt with the same cases. 

Conclusively, always keep in mind that an action cannot be declared a crime if it is notstated by the common law or statute.




Divorce cases

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates can handle any divorce case in Sacramento

Divorce refers to the termination of a marriage or marital union. It is the dissolution of a marriage, whereby, the legal duties of the marriage are reorganized or cancelled. The dissolution must be under the rule of law of that particular state or country. In most cases, it requires the sanction of a court in a legal process. Legal process of divorce comes with various issues such as spouse support, child support, child access, child custody, division debt among other important issues. It is unfortunate that in most cases things end up, falling apart, most of the spouses end up taking things for granted. In most cases a partner, ends up being curtailed his/her rights such as access to children and proper division and settlement of property. Whenever you or your family member is involved in such kind of stress related to divorce, you obviously need experts to help you through the legal process.

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates has served clients for so many years. They specialize in family matters and help many people get justice in divorce- related matters. Regardless of the kind of stress you are facing in your divorce, the team of reputable lawyers will work tirelessly, to ensure justice and maximum compensation is delivered.





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