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Spinal Cord Injury in Las Vegas

Expert opinion is the main result of the examination in traumatic brain injuries and facial injuries . It has evidentiary effect and is presented in court. When drawing conclusions, the specialist who conducted the study must take into account all factors that characterize the damage and the extent of their impact on the body. These include: The mechanism of injury and the circumstances in which it was caused, as well as the characteristic features of a traumatic object or surface (size, shape, physical characteristics, etc.). You will need a Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorney.


The area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocalization of external injuries to the face and (or) head, the number of injuries, their characteristics, size, etc. The sequence and timing of clinical symptoms recorded in medical materials and appearing in the complaints of the victim. The results of Las Vegas laboratory tests, electroencephalographic and X-ray examinations, computer studies, magnetic resonance imaging. The state of the body of the victim at the time of receipt of a craniocerebral injury and (or) facial trauma, such as: previous diseases, injuries and other pathological changes, their clinical manifestations and severity of symptoms. Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith are a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas.


The clinical picture of the initial post-traumatic period (post-traumatic encephalopathy, asthenovegetative syndrome, pyramidal insufficiency and other consequences of a craniocerebral trauma and facial trauma). Duration of stay in inpatient medical institutions and (or) on outpatient observation and treatment, that is, the duration of the cure process. In addition, the volume and nature of the treatment produced (both inpatient and outpatient). The magnitude of the loss (as a percentage) and the degree of limitation of the total work capacity. Full, one hundred percent, disability (in appropriate cases).

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